The Guard Dog

The Guard Dog


Ms.Dicharry’s Busy Newspaper

Breaking news! Ms.Dicharry’s room is looking at breaking news. JK

What We’re Doing In Ms.Dicharry’s Room

In Ms. Dicharry’s newsroom, we are so busy making the paper for the JLMS Guard Dog. We are focusing on a bunch of crazy, funny, interesting, maybe lame topics but not really.

What Is The Point Of Having A Newspaper?

The point of having a newspaper is letting teachers, students, and parents know what is happening at JLMS and what  is coming up.

Why Ms. Dicharry Came Up With This

“I thought it was a good exercise for the kids to have their voices heard, to know how they feel about this environment and teachers.”

How we do it online and where we do it online

We started with SNO, a free website that organizes school newspapers and helps us stay all organized. We start by writing or typing an article on our drive and the we move it to the drive folder that Ms.Dicharry has on hers and everyone’s drive.  Then we can easily move stuff from the folder to the SNO site and then we edit and publish. We can do things through Google sheets to do graphs or stats or presentation through slides and we can just type a regular article with docs.

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