The Guard Dog

The Guard Dog

The Screamer

Zoe Gronbukt, Reporter

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The air was crisp, and chilly, though it wasn’t to me. Our class was on an overnight field trip to the zoo, and as I lay there in my sleeping bag, I think about the amazing time I had before the clock had struck 10:00, and we had to go to bed. We had a big campfire, and one of the zookeepers told us awesome stories. He even brought some goats from the petting zoo over so that we could try feeding them dinner! But, as I lay here, that memory feels sad to me, because it is over. People say I always look on the negative side of things, but what they don’t understand is that there is always two sides. Negative and Positive.


“Rustle”. I sat up. Then, I realized that it was probably just a random animal. As I started to lay down, I heard it again! “Rustle”. I rubbed my eyes. “Rustle”. I put on my wooly boots, hat and sweater.

“Rustle”. Why my teddy bear Fluffy had to come with me, I had no idea. “AAAAGGGGHHHH!” Fluffy’s arm almost got separated from the rest of his fluffy self by the force I burst away by. Soon, I came to a dead end. There was a hole in the barbed wire fence. The barbs gnawed away at my skin as I crawled through the filthy mud below. Fluffy’s arm was was hanging by a few strings, and had pieces of sharp wire stuck all over his body. I tried to take them out, but failed. Badly.


“Snarl”. I looked behind me to see a black panther. It had an ugly scar across one of its eyes. The pupil was gone and was part of the iris which was a warm, milky grey. I dashed away as fast as I could, turning in unexpected directions in hope that I would lose it. My vision was starting to fail, as it was almost pitch black. I tripped over a root and hit my knee on a rock. I winced in pain as I tried to stand. The black panther again made its presence heard. My legs tried desperately to run, and the pain in my leg throbbed, until, I felt the slap of a branch in my face. I only saw black after that.


There was a brightly lit room. I was covered in a ratty blanket with pictures of tractors on it. I had absolutely no idea where I was but I couldn’t move, or at least I thought I couldn’t. Then, the panther came inside, and it started to growl, and thrash around. Its skin was turned inside out and you could see the fleshy muscle bulging out from the tendons, the bones, and the fat. It turned into the shape of a wolverine, until the fuzzy skin was wrapped back over. It looked exactly like any other wolverine, except for the scar, and the eye, which gave it away.


It rotated towards a middle sized bloody heap, and it started to devour it, bite, by bite. Then, I noticed it was also covered in the same blanket. Grey, with tractors on it. Once it was finished, it spun around to face me, It gnashed its teeth and I shivered. I then threw myself out of the filthy blanket and made a rush for the door. The place where I fell on the rock gave off a sharp pain every time it touched the knotted, root floor. The wolverine then shape shifted back in to its signature black panther shape. It brought me down, and only then I realized I was screaming. And, I knew how I had came in the first place.

The End

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