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Unsolved Mysteries: Gypsy Hill Murders

Sofia Lopez, Reporter and Editorial Board

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The Gypsy Hill murders are a group of five unsolved homicides of young women and girls in San Mateo County, CA that began in the late 1970’s. In the media this murderer became known as the ” The San Mateo Slasher”


On January 8th, 1976, the body of 18-year old Veronica Cascio was found in a creek on the Sharp Park Golf Course in Pacifica. Cascio was stabbed around 30 times.

Weeks later the body of 14-year old Tatiana Blackwell was reported missing. A body was later found on Sharp Park Road and was identified as hers on June 6th, she was stabbed multiple times.

On February 2, Paula Baxter went missing. Her body was found on February 4 in Millbrae behind a church on Lauderman Lane. Baxter was stabbed four times, sexually assaulted, and hit on the head with a piece of concrete.

On April 1, 19-year old Denise Lampe was found dead after a search in the parking lot of Serramonte Center, seh was stabbed 20 times.

On March 15, Carol Booth was reported missing by her husband, she was later discovered in a shallow grave near Colma Creek on Grand Avenue in South San Francisco.

After all of police investigations there aren’t any suspects.

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Unsolved Mysteries: Gypsy Hill Murders