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Coach Tatum Interview


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My partner Dylan Cordero and I interviewed Coach Tatum who coaches the boys basketball team.

The first question we asked him was who is your favorite NBA basketball team because every basketball coach has a favorite basketball team. Coach Tatum started here in 1999 but the 2000 school year.

We asked coach Tatum if he is good at basketball and he said yes he’s very good at basketball. Coach Tatum worked at Ulloa Elementary School. Coach Tatum did not play basketball in college, but he played in high school and also he played in elementary school. Coach Tatum likes basketball because he and his brother used to play basketball all the time. He and his brother and a friend used to wake up at 7:00 in the morning and get their bikes and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and come back around 4:00 in the afternoon. Coach Tatum coaches for the boys basketball team because he wants to. Coach Tatum’s favorite color is blue. Coach Tatum’s brother introduced him to basketball. Coach did not join the team to get the chicks. He said he played basketball because he liked it a lot. Me and my partner Jesse asked him how does he feel when he plays basketball and he replied that it helps him focus and not worry about anything else. Coaches Tatum’s older brothers both played basketball and they also ran track. We asked him if he wants his son to play basketball and he replied saying that he wants his son to be happy, so he doesn’t want to force him to play basketball.                                                         


In conclusion thank you Coach Tatum for letting us interview you. THANK YOU.

                                  THE END  

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Coach Tatum Interview