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The Guard Dog

To Read or Not to Read

S. Stewart, Columnist

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Hello readers!
It is S. Stewart back again for the kill.

This time we will talk about THE TEACHERS! We gave all the teachers new names, ENJOY.

1. Ms. Tyagi = Ms. Teriyaki *we are aware she left*
2. Mr. Sarabia = Mr. Siracha
3. Ms. Corda = Ms. Corda on the Cobba
4. Mr. Pollard = Mr. Pollard Greens
5. Mr. Yamomoto = Mr. YAMamoto
6. Ms. Alvarado = Ms. Avocado
7. Ms. Tennent = Ms. Tempehent
8. Mr. Brodie = Mr. Broccolie
9. Ms. Dicharry = Ms. DisCHERRY
10. Sierra = Sierra Mist
11. Ms. Bixler= Ms. TWIXler
12. Mr. Ornelas = Mr. ORANGElas
13. Ms. Cheeks = Ms. ChEEken
14. Mr. Carames = Mr. Caramels
15. Ms. Bell = Ms. Bell Peppers
16. Ms. Deis = Ms. Diced Carrots
17. Ms. Miller = Ms. Milled Oats
18. Mr. O = Mr. Oregano
19. Mr. Uribe = Mr. Ube
20.Dr. E = Dr. Edamame

I challenge you to call the teachers these names for a whole day!

PS I left some empty spaces for *drum roll please* you to recommend more teacher names in the comments!

S. Stewart

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2 Responses to “To Read or Not to Read”

  1. Bina HG on November 14th, 2017 10:37 pm

    Will I get a reward if I call the teachers these names all day?

    Anonymous Reply:

    No. You will not get a reward. this is anonymous

To Read or Not to Read