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Famous Pigeon Breeds

Josiah Vargas, Staff Reporter

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Famous pigeon breeds                            

   For the last 500 years, pigeon fanciers have created bizarre looking pigeon breeds. These aren’t like the city pigeons or any type of feral pigeons. For example, have you ever heard of a pouter pigeon or the ice pigeon? These are just the beginning. Chances are, you never heard of all of the ones I am going to present to you, either because you don’t care about pigeons or know that their underrated feral birds. To most people, they are flying rats. Pigeons breeds aren’t like dog breeds, no it’s way different. Some breeds don’t even look like pigeons at all. Pigeons are everywhere and you probably think their just birds that give diseases and do lots of bird dropping but their breeds are way different. Each breed is unique in it’s own way.             

The fantail pigeon

   The fantail pigeon is a popular pigeon breed. It is characterised by a fan-shaped- tail made of approximately 30 to 40 feathers, usually more than a normal pigeon which has a tail of about 8 to 12 feathers. The breed is thought to have been originated in Pakistan, India, China or Spain. There are several subspecies like the english fantail or the indian fantail pigeon. Their fan (tail)  sometimes need to be trimmed to feed and warm squabs (baby pigeons) properly. The fantail pigeon has a feather mutation called “silky” that gives it an interesting lace effect to the tail feathers. Charles Darwin uses a fantail pigeon as an example of the origins of species chapter, which is one of the reasons why fantails are popular

                          The Frillback pigeon

  The frillback  pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon that has been developed over many years of selective breeding. This pigeon breed is a very old breed. Frillbacks, along with other domesticated pigeons, are all relatives or descendants with the rock dove. The breed is known to have curls and frills on its wing shield feathers. The curly feathers can also be grown down to the pigeon’s legs making them look like their wearing shoes, giving them an even fancier appearance. Their feathers are the beauty in this breed. The breeding of the pigeon started way back in at least 1640, and it’s mentioned in writing in early 1735. These pigeons are on sale for more than $100!

                    Ice pigeon

The ice pigeon known and name for its ice cube color. It was first developed in the region from eastern Germany to western Poland, with the most early breeding in Saxony and Silesia. Two or three distinct lineages, bred for centuries, were merge to form the modern day ice pigeon: one was light wings and dark eyes and the other had black wing markings with reddish eyes. They blend well with the snow making them hard to see.


               The Pouter Pigeon

The pouter pigeons are a domesticated varieties of the rock dove and are characterized by a huge crop (the body part which makes them do their cooing noise). They are kept as ornamental, valued for the unusual and weird appearance. They are many varieties of the pouter pigeon with little in common except for the humongous crop. Pouters have been bred for the last 400 years in Europe.You might say their ugly, but they are the weirdest pigeon you’ll probably see. 

         Old german owl pigeon

   The old german owl pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon and it was the first breed in germany to  be called little gull due to its appearance to a seagull and a silver gull in color and markings. The breed was again formally recognized in Germany in 1956, but the first official  standard was not adopted in Europe till 1960. Its head is nearly round and their eyes are large, bright and lively bull eyes. This german pigeon can possibly be found all around germany.

             The king pigeon

The KING pigeon is a breed of pigeon that is known from people to have large bodies and to make good squab production (technically they can make more babies)

The king is a dual purpose breed that originated in the U.S.. They were developed during the 1890’s by crossing four older varieties. King pigeon is by deemed to be one of the most beautiful of all

pigeon breeds. Its body is quite round in shape and has been bred in many colors and patterns. It’s hard to identify their gender since both female and male king pigeons look the same. But in close observation on their interactions usually allows for a fairly and accurate gender identification.  

Polish helmet

  The polish helmet (also known as polish krymka tumbler) is a fancy pigeon breed that is a type of helmet pigeon that has been developed on many years of selective breeding.It is distinctive on it’s muffs(big foot feathers) and it’s colored only on top half of it’s head(which they say it’s a helmet)and on it’s tail feathers.It is thought to have been related to the european and american pigeons ,though it remains unknown as to what came first  or how they spread and adapted all over the world.

Helmet pigeon – Alchetron web .

Scientific name (columba livia)

        There is so much more !

   The city pigeon is far the most boring pigeon to see. Black, grey, and white nothing more but have you ever looked at the 1002 breeds and 302 species.The answer you probably will say is a big fat NO but after you just saw some pretty pigeon breeds are you more interested?Since pigeons are everywhere,the boring feral or city pigeon breeds is like almost a totally different animal,don’t take pigeons the wrong way,don’t put that pigeon trap,think about it.They even save 1000 people in the first and second world war,or how they became messengers or how they were food in ancient civilization like egypt.

This is a nicobar pigeon,it’s a specie not a  breed,they’re actually related to the extinct dodos and cost more than 500 dollars!Go check them out!

 <—Nicobar pigeon


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