We Need Balls At JLMS

Jesse Garcia, Reporter

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                  We Need Balls At Lunch If you are a student at JLMS, you know that the school does not provide any kind of sports balls. Maybe it’s just me, or the 6th graders, because we are accustom to having balls at recess in elementary school. In my opinion, I think we do need sports equipment because we only have one break per day and some people need to get out more energy than others. The first couple of days of school my friends and I had to play with a plastic  water bottle to play soccer. Some people sometimes go crazy if they have their energy still in them but if all that energy is out they will be nice and quiet in class and I’m sure the teachers would love that. Now when I go to eat lunch I see a lot of people on the benches just sitting down doing nothing. Perhaps if you don’t know how to play sports maybe you can learn how to play and maybe you would like it. After I eat my lunch I play frisbee because one of friends has to bring a frisbee.    Perhaps it could affect the students in a good way because when they get home they can eat something to energize them a little bit then they can do their homework and they can fall asleep easier.   And that’s my opinion on why the school should provide sports equipment.

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We Need Balls At JLMS