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The Troubles Of Concussions – Interview with My Dad and Brother


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Do you have any other favorite sports? Yes basketball.


What made you want to play? My cousin, he played on the Rams too.


Did you want to play for the rams? Yes because my cousin played for the rams.


Have you had any concerns about your players getting concussions? Yes but we try to teach them the Essence of the game so they don’t get hurt.


Are you scared for them? No because I believe that my fellow coaches and I thought them well.


Do you wish there was a safer way to play tackle football?  I believe there is if you teach them right.

My concern for the people playing is that it will effect them later when they’re about in there 20’s . If there was a safer way to tackle people without the chance of getting a concussion younger kids will actual have interest in playing without their parents having concerns about their head. People say that the first sign of a concussion is a headache they also say that they last for about 7-10 day that’s a pretty long time for someone that is really dedicated to the sport.  Think that if the coaches teach them how to tackle right then i think that they can prevent that i football it’s not just concussions there’s other things like breaking something, tearing something, etc. But overall the sport is very interesting to watch it is the 2 most famous sport in the united states do you know that football has the most contact          

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The Troubles Of Concussions – Interview with My Dad and Brother