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Halloween DIYs


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Halloween- All the DIY’s


Halloween is just around the 25 day corner (not like anyone’s counting) and everyone is freaking out because they don’t know what to do on Halloween! Should they go to a party or get candy from random strangers houses? Should they be an ugly beast, or dress up? SO MUCH PRESSURE! Luckily, Your new favorite writer will help you through the stress of everyone’s favorite holiday!


Halloween is known for it’s candy, but that doesn’t mean the healthy people can’t have any fun too! Some healthy halloween snacks include:

Deviled eggs with Devil horns made of red bell pepper (it’s a pun!)

Hummus with a spider on it (Made of olives) I know they’re gross but they’re cute. (Olives, not spiders)

Fried Friends (Self Explanatory)


Halloween costumes are great! Some DIY costumes include:

Lego: Wear a painted box with painted bowls glued down on it for lego lumps.

Cat: Wear Whiskers, cat ears, an amazing soul, cute clothes, anti dog signs that say stuff like “Cats forever! Feel the meow!, “I’m feline like voting for cats”, and “purrs will make us roar, barks will make us fall”, and other amazing quotes. You will either look like a cat, or a crazy cat lady (me)

Dog: Dress up as a trash can ( plz dont hate, crazy dog people)


I hope you enjoyed this holiday’s DIY tips. Coming up…Vegetarian Thanksgiving!Can it be done without the carnivores fainting?

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5 Responses to “Halloween DIYs”

  1. S. Stewart on October 11th, 2017 7:45 am

    Rebecca, you’re our new favorite writer?

    Rebecca Trillin-lee Reply:

    I think so, guy with the weird pen name

    Bina HG Reply:

    Don’t be rude, Becky!

    Evie Chien Reply:

    “Fried Friends (Self Explanatory)”

    Are you sure you want to say that??? Cause soon you’ll become one of my fried friends….Sorry everybody else but Bina and Becky. It’s an inside joke inbetween ourselves…Don’t think we’re violent…(sorry for the …’s)

  2. Lily B on October 17th, 2017 1:25 pm

    The cat part actually made me laugh

Halloween DIYs